All participants in the Institute are invited to submit proposals for posters, participant idea exchanges, Teaching Slam presentations, and Demo Demo demonstrations. Submissions must be related to the teaching of psychology. Presenters of accepted proposals must register for the conference by November 15 to have their titles included in the conference program and posted on the NITOP website. Submissions of second poster or PIE proposals are welcome from registered participants, but if accepted, these submissions will be held until November 15, when we will be able to determine whether all first submissions have been accommodated and space remains for second posters and PIEs by the same first author.

Poster Proposals (Deadline: October 1, 2018)

Posters should present original work pertinent to any aspect of the teaching of psychology. Suitable topics may include but are not limited to assessment of teaching techniques and strategies, teaching innovations, curricular innovations, strategies and fresh approaches to advising, new course ideas, methods to enrich existing courses, course content innovations, ethical challenges in teaching, and philosophical approaches to teaching. Especially welcome are proposals that include empirical evaluation of the technique or strategy described in the poster.

We will also consider “Course Sharing” posters, in which presenters share syllabi, activities, demonstrations, course outlines, assessment strategies, quizzes, writing assignments, video selections, Internet resources, and other materials that would be useful to others teaching similar courses. Course Sharing poster presentations should include handouts that will allow participants to take relevant information home with them. Posters should properly reference ideas for course resources that are not original to the presenter, giving credit where credit is due. Course sharing posters should be given the title “Course Sharing” followed by the name of the course.

Participant Idea Exchange (PIE) Proposals (Deadline: October 1, 2018)

Participant Idea Exchanges (PIEs) are opportunities for presenters to facilitate discussions about ideas and topics pertinent to the teaching of psychology. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, teaching techniques, innovations, evaluation, challenges, and instructional philosophy.

Each PIE topic is assigned a separate table, and participants choose topics that interest them, sometimes staying at one table throughout the entire session, sometimes moving among the tables and topics.

Demo Demo Proposals (Deadline: September 1, 2018)

The Demo Demo event will expose the audience to class demonstrations of approximately 15 minutes each. In this fun event, the audience members will be the class: They will actually participate as students in each demonstration. Each presenter will microteach a demo that they’ve created that works well every time. Or they can present their own spin on a classic demo—they’ll show us how they make it new. All Demo Demo presenters will provide a handout with key information about their presentation.

Teaching Slam Proposals (Deadline: September 1, 2018)

The Teaching Slam is a fast-paced, dynamic session in which participants can get new ideas to use in their classrooms right away. Teaching Slam presentations might be a novel teaching tip, an assessment idea, a class activity, and so on. Each speaker may provide one handout.